Shake up your English 3 – Food 1

Last week we were at a restaurant and today we are going to have a closer look at different kinds of food: fruit, vegetables, meat, … Because it is always good to know what the menu (Speisekarte) says.

Let’s start with

berries beeren food


right now there is a variety of berries you can get at the market: strawberries, raspberries (Himbeeren), red currant/black currant (rote/schwarze Ribisel), blueberries, blackberries (Brombeeren). What you can also get now is juice made out of elderberries (Hollerbeeren).

We really love berries, but Wurzelinchen doesn’t like them very much. When I bake a fruit cake, I always leave some parts uncovered – so, only cake, no fruit.

Be careful: berry – berries

more fruit: melon, apples, bananas, oranges, lemons, pears (Birnen), peaches (Pfirsiche), apricots (Marillen), cherries (Kirschen)

gemüse vegetables


Very healthy, but not always the favourite food of children. We started complementary food (Beikost) with pumpkin, Wurzelinchen loved it then, we’ll see if she still likes it now when the pumpkin season starts again.

Wurzelinchen loves spinach and tomato sauce. I really like cabbage (Kohl), cucumber (Gurke), leeks (Lauch), courgettes (Zucchini – American English: zucchini) and broccoli. I don’t like cauliflower (Karfiol(Blumenkohl) very much and I really dislike mushrooms.

meat fleisch


We distinguish between white and red meat.

Red meat: beef (Rind), lamb (Lamm), mutton (Schaf), venison (Wild)

White meat: veal (Kalb), pork (Schwein), ham (Schinken), bacon (Speck), chicken (Huhn), turkey (Truthahn/Pute)

And how can you prepare meat? You can boil it (kochen). In a pan you can fry it (anbraten). In the oven you can roast it (braten) or grill it (grillen).


Next week we will have a closer look at fish, seafood, spices (Gewürze) and herbs (Kräuter)

See you!!



Weiter zu Teil 2 geht es hier. 


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